High-performance seedling production system


NAE Terrace™ is famous for its high-quality seedlings and high productivity in the main field!
NAE Terrace™ is a seedling production system developed based on technology for closed vegetable production systems with artificial lighting.
Control of temperature, light, water management, and other factors is automatic, so anyone can easily produce healthy, uniform seedlings.

Key Features

High-quality seedlings ensure high productivity after transplantation!
NAE Terrace™ raises healthy seedlings. The end-product seedlings are sturdy, with a stout hypocotyl, thick mesophyll, and dark leaf color.

Growth after planting is excellent, and the result is high productivity.
Tomato scion root seedlings, 72 cells, 19 days after seeding
Cucumber graft, 17 days after seeding


Salad vegetables

Cucumber grafted seedlings

Seedling production not affected by climate or the seasons!
NAE Terrace™ is a closed seedling production system. It employs seedling-raising technology developed at the Faculty of Horticulture, Chiba University. In this artificial environment surrounded by insulating walls that do not let light through, seedlings can be raised according to a scheduled plan, without being affected by the climate or seasons.

Automation of temperature, light, and water management for easier work!
The concept of NAE Terrace™ is to enable growing by “anytime, anywhere, anyone.” When cell trays with germinated seedlings are lined up on the seedling-raising shelves of NAE Terrace™, the necessary temperature control, electric lighting, watering, and CO2 gas supply are performed automatically, and seedlings suitable for planting or potting are finished in the specified number of days. Anyone—from those with little experience raising seedlings to veterans—can easily produce healthy seedlings.

Modular units for shorter construction time
Construction time has been dramatically reduced by using a module-based construction method. Modules include the control panel, main unit, air-conditioner, and piping.

Easy-to-understand display of operating status
A large, color operation panel can display graphs of air temperature, humidity, and CO2 concentration.


A mode can be customized for each seedling cultivation application
The system supports control settings with 1 day divided into 6-hour periods, and separate watering for each shelf.

Growth comparison of raised seedlings between NAE Terrace™ and a greenhouse

Red lettuce
With NAE Terrace™, red lettuces exhibit strong red pigment

Seedlings raised with NAE Terrace™, 288 cells
Seedlings raised in a greenhouse 144 cells
Left: NAE TerraceTM 288-cell seedlings
Right: Greenhouse 144-cell seedlings


Comparison of cabbage seedling quality between seedlings raised in NAE Terrace™ and seedlings raised in a greenhouse

Seedlings raised in NAE Terrace™, 14-day seedlings
Seedlings raised in a greenhouse, 14-day seedlings


Examples of seedlings raised at high density (lettuce) From left

200-cell seedling raised in NAE Terrace™
200-cell seedling raised in a greenhouse
288-cell seedling raised in NAE Terrace™
288-cell seedling raised in a greenhouse
Variety: “Smiley”