Our agricultural polyolefin films (hereinafter referred to as PO film) are high quality multi-layer films for greenhouse covering. Using our technologies, we can provide light, soft, transparent and durable greenhouse films. We are the No1 PO film supplier in Japan.

Key Features:

The superb light transmittance of our films allows you to grow high-quality crops, including eggplants, which require an abundance of UV light. Our film is also designed with bee-pollinating crop cultivation in mind.
Flexible yet Durable
Our durable films, tested to last 5 years, are flexible enough to cover any shape of greenhouse.
With our coating technologies, we can provide films with various functions: anti-drip, anti-dust, diffusion, anti-chemical, and so on. The anti-drip function lasts as long as the life of the film.

Our strength:

Proprietary Catalysts
Our proprietary “metallocene plastomer” catalysts allow us to produce films that are durable and ultra-transparent polyolefin films.
Co-extrusion Technology
We have been producing multi-layer films combining EVA and LDPE since 2003. Using our state-of-art co-extrusion technology we can provide clear, thin, and light yet super-durable films.
Coating Technology
We have various coating technologies to provide long-lasting functions to films.

High performance, durable and ultra-clear film
Specially designed for growing crops

Superior clarity
Our special catalyst “metallocene plastomers” ensures a durable yet flexible film.
The proprietary coating technology achieves long lasting anti-drip effect.



To ensure peak performance for DIASTAR film;

Please ensure the film is facing the correct directions. The printed characters on the film should be legible from outside
Please do not rub, scratch, or damage the inner coated surface of the film.
Please read the “best practice” manual enclosed with the product.

General precautions;

To avoid film deterioration, do not use Sulphur sprays around/near the film.
The film may expand or contract with changing temperatures. Please tighten the film if it expands or become loose in hot temperature.
Avoid direct sunlight and store in a dry area until you are ready to install.